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Quality Assurance

GALOSI’s Quality Assurance

Your company having lost profits does not mean that your systems, procedures and internal controls are inadequate. The facts are that your people, processes and systems are efficient in collecting on average over 99.8% of the cash due to your company. GALOSI is your partner to assist your company in retrieving 100% of your expected profits. It’s the profit your company deserves. GALOSI is ready to recover it!

Recovery Analysis has become a standard business practice in industries including but not limited to retail, distribution, manufacturing, utilities, communications, hospitals and not-for-profit organizations. Each year, Recovery Analysis delivers billions of dollars to many organizations bottom lines; dollars that would be otherwise lost due to inevitable human and system error.

Just as it is sometimes mandatory and common to engage in second opinions in life, so it should be in regards to your recovery analysis service provider. In today’s global competitive business environment, the practice of engaging in a quality assurance review to analysis behind the 1st pass (primary) firm, is very beneficial to your organization.

    • It gives you the peace of mind that the primary analysis firm is producing maximum recoveries.

    • It generates fresh ideas on how to strengthen internal controls and improve operational efficiency.

    • Its incremental cash recoveries-frequently 10% or more-mean more profits.

By obtaining a professional second opinion, you will be in a better position to evaluate the effectiveness of the current contract you have with the primary firm.

At GALOSI, we truly believe that you should be extremely happy and thoroughly convinced with the services you are currently receiving and its results. Contrary to conventional wisdom, you will not have a successful analysis just because you choose one of the large recovery analysis firms. The important elements to insure that you have a successful analysis are the skills knowledge and experience of the professionals who will be performing your analysis.

At GALOSI, we are confident that our quality assurance review will find money that the 1st pass analysis firm overlooked. GALOSI, in this role, has been able to determine that its competitors are very strong in some areas, but lack knowledge in others. Bottom line, a quality assurance analysis should be viewed as a “Gap Analysis”. GALOSI would like to explore these gaps in the primary analysis and invariably increase the pressure on your 1st pass firm to produce better and faster results for you.

Business Principles

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

Commitment to Integrity

Commitment to deliver performance that
   exceeds client’s expectations

Skilled in Information-Management

   – Maintain client confidentiality

   – Data collection, interpretation, decision-making

   – Quantification of qualitative issues

   – Sense of curiosity

Commitment to exceptional communication

   – Clear/Correct/Concise/Consistent

Sense of proprietorship-responsibility for
   assigned area

Strong point of view on business issues

   – Best Business Practices

Ability to anticipate and predict future
   implications of today’s actions

Persistence in influencing future plans
   and policies

Commitment to constructive motivations and
   stimulation of associates and clients

Desire to be the pre-eminent recovery analysis
   services organization in the world

“GALOSI’s custom software programs uncovered vendor overcharges worth millions and implemented more accurate, long-term analysis solutions.”

— Mike Bryk, CFO, CompUSA