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Our Services

GALOSI understands their strategic role goes beyond finding and recovering those lost profits. Their job is to maintain and secure, with utmost integrity, your valued client/vendor relationships. GALOSI’s track record of tactful negotiations has been their model of success.

IT knowledge and experience is what also separates GALOSI from other Post-Analysis Recovery firms. It’s time for your company to have a custom IT solution built entirely for your workflow systems, and not the other way around. GALOSI’s IT solutions allow the review time to decrease from an average 16 months to just over 6 months. With the assistance of a custom IT solution and the creation of exact, substantiated claims that are easy for vendors to review, understand and validate, the recovery time also decreases, allowing the overall process to be more efficient. Cash flow is important, and recovering those lost profits faster can make a significant difference in your company’s financial success.

Once our team has identified losses, we implement client-approved procedures to recoup lost profits. In addition, we provide system and processing recommendations to ensure our clients financial resources are protected.

The highly detail-oriented professionals at GALOSI recognize the narrow margin of opportunity to recapture lost profits. In addition to identifying losses, GALOSI provides clients with recommendations on how to prevent future losses. Our commitment is to improve processes by helping clients excel in profit accuracy, while recognizing each business transaction as a hidden source of revenue.


White Paper: Why Companies Hesitate to Pursue Such a Good Investment (PDF)

White Paper: Why embrace the use of Recovery Audits (PDF)

Success Stories

“In the past Five years, GALOSI has recovered several million dollars of lost profits for our organization, while maintaining a productive and growing business relationship with our vendor community.”

— Kevin Elliott, 7-Eleven

“GALOSI’s custom software programs uncovered vendor overcharges worth millions and implemented more accurate, long-term analysis solutions.”

— Mike Bryk, CFO, CompUSA


Vendor Credit Recovery™ is a process that communicates directly with the Client’s vendors. Vendor Credit Recovery™ acts as an extension of the Client’s existing team and brings a systematic, disciplined approach to identifying unrealized credits due to the Client. The information is obtained directly from vendors via a methodical and controlled data collection and review process which is performed on a continuous basis. All program activity is performed through offsite service centers as to not disrupt the Client’s daily business operations. This solution will not require any physical deployment of software or hardware, providing the flexibility of allowing credit recovery functions to be performed from anywhere the Client operates.

Tax Recovery Analysis

It is almost impossible to be an expert on the 50,000 pages of tax code that vary from state to state and to remain current with the multiple changes in code that occur each year. GALOSI is a powerhouse of expertise and results, and is determined to provide your company with the information it needs to save you money. Most of the tax code changes can even be applied retroactively, which translates into more dollars back in your bottom-line!

Just like any analysis service provided by GALOSI, you will receive a full report that contains a detailed list of recoveries and a complete review of your internal processes with suggestions for long-term solutions that maximize financial success for your company.

Direct Store Delivery Analysis

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a quick, convenient way to deliver or receive a product, yet the process can prove costly for your business. The chaos and stress of receiving deliveries and completing a transaction of hundreds of different items at one time, even including promotionally priced merchandise, can often result in unfortunate human errors. These errors may never get reconciled, ultimately costing your company dollars that should be applied to profit.

Regardless of the transaction size, GALOSI will sort through every invoice and recover lost profits from Direct Store Deliveries that is owed to you. GALOSI will customize software for your analysis to ensure that maximum recoveries are achieved. GALOSI’s staff is highly-skilled, experienced and engaged in maintaining precious client-vendor relationships for your business so future transactions can run smooth and error-free.

Telecommunication Services Analysis

As technology changes, telecommunication bills and contracts are often difficult to understand and more than 90% of invoices contain errors that result in overcharges. GALOSI will provide individually tailored, cost reduction strategies and solutions to help your business gain control and manage all of your telecommunication expenses. GALOSI’s services and custom software utilize proven methods that include the identification and recovery of overpayments of services and contracts for: Telephone (Toll-Free and Long Distance), Cellular/Wireless, Internet, Data, Equipment Lease and Maintenance.